Monthly Archives: April 2013

Part 3. Emails with branding

I have been delighted to receive so many positive tweets and email comments about the first two parts of my latest B.A.B.E branding series. If you missed them, I have covered business cards (just in time for the Cannes Film Festival) and websites. It’s all part of the USP series… See I want you to […]

GUEST POST: The Benefits of Being an Actor that Writes

That time again for a new guest blogger, and this week I would like to introduce Jody Medland who is a London based writer. I have known Jody for a very long time from the days when he dabbled in acting, to now, an established writer who has produced feature films, short stories, launched a […]

Part 2. Websites in the land of your brand

Last week I covered the very important topic of how your branding can be integrated into the business card you design, in Part 1 of my USP’s rather than Uncompromising Silly Positions series. Today I want to delve into websites. As an actor I am constantly looking at other actor’s websites. I love clicking on their links to see […]