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Social media #muppets

So I recently had the chance to attend an event that was kind of a big deal. You know the ones. Glamorous, fancy and, best of all, free! The ones where you get to wear a fancy dress and you spend the whole night walking around with that fake stylish swagger that shows all the […]

What you create is you

The mayhem of theWorld Acting Summit has left little time for me to write on here recently, but actually I have create your own acting work wanted to more than ever. And this is because as Steve Trister and I have been interviewing awesomely experienced people each day, I have been having all of these […]

Part 2. Websites in the land of your brand

Last week I covered the very important topic of how your branding can be integrated into the business card you design, in Part 1 of my USP’s rather than Uncompromising Silly Positions series. Today I want to delve into websites. As an actor I am constantly looking at other actor’s websites. I love clicking on their links to see […]