Monthly Archives: April 2016

It’s Cannes o’clock

I’ve written about Cannes a bunch of times on here…and you know I love to bang on about the good stuff….like film festivals, and fun and acting. So this week I shared a few of the things you should think about packing when en route to Cannes, along with what to do if you didn’t yet sort […]

Choices, and more choices

Choice is a funny thing. It comes into our lives every day but often we are completely oblivious that we are making choices. Then there are times when it smacks you in the face like a wet cloth and you’re really aware of the fragility of life, and the effects of your yes’ and no’s. For […]

Shooting people are the shizzle

[su_mental_section] So from time to time I’ll post about offers that come up, or things that I’m told about. And of course I’ll make sure they are only the most awesome of offers….like when Shooting People offer 50% off their annual membership, which is AH-MAZING. That works out to be just under £20 to join […]