Monthly Archives: November 2014

The woman who screamed at me

It is a funny old world sometimes. I was standing at a fruit stall a few months back en route to an audition. It was the one out front of the fruit stand outside a busy tube station waiting patiently to place my order of a few pieces of fruit to snack on. No big […]

Read to me (or being a reader)

Please indulge me while I vent for a moment. Right now there are maybe a million actors around the globe trying to make it as an actor (I tried to google this information but it was impossible to get exact statistics), be that part time, full time, in school or just starting out. So if […]

Have you created it…

    When I ask this question (have you created it?) I don’t mean have you baked your favourite cake? Or have you knitted an amazing beanie. Although these are both positively exquisite things to do, and things I endorse wholeheartedly. But what I mean is have you created that thing that helps you not just exist as an […]