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Thanks for popping by. It turns out that B.A.B.E. is actually over 10 years old now… can you believe it. Wayyy back when I (Angela Peters – that lady above smiling into the camera dreaming of eating a donut once again…I’m gluten free you see) decided to start a mentoring business for actors who couldn’t […]


self taping with kids

Recently I wrote my first article for the UK’s number one casting site, Spotlight, on all things self taping with children. Have you been freaking out about having to do self tapes while you have kids under the age of 3 in the house? Yes, I did too.

8 Commandments of a Successful Headshot Session – with Backstage

I had the most wonderful headshot session this year with a woman I have recommended to about a 1000 actors over the years. This is the second time I’ve booked in with her! Her name is Jennie Scott and she is a London based headshot photographer. And no, she doesn’t give me commission for telling […]

Want to win a coaching session with me?

Every month I work with actors all over the planet – true story! I’ve got clients in Europe, LA, Australia, London, up north, and have even worked with peeps as far away as Malaysia (well okay that’s nearly as far away from London as Australia but not quite). I get pretty excited every single time […]