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Every month I work with actors all over the planet – true story! I’ve got clients in Europe, LA, Australia, London, up north, and have even worked with peeps as far away as Malaysia (well okay that’s nearly as far away from London as Australia but not quite). I get pretty excited every single time I get an email from an actor asking if they can book a session in with me because they want to take their career to the next level.

To me, that means they get it. They understand that acting mentors (or coaches) offer tremendous acting career value, support on their way to achieving their goals, and insights to help them propel their career into a whole new place. Over the years I have also worked with countless mentors myself, to help me improve my own acting career. Sometimes I’ve hired them for one off sessions to give me a virtual kick in the (acting career) butt. At other times I have taken on mentors for longer periods of time as I worked through different things that I wanted to fix or improve. Either way, I fully understand the value of having a coach, and why we pay them.

And that’s a big part of the conversation people often have.

Why we pay for a mentor. Paying out money.

I get it. You could easily find an accountability buddy (which you should might I add) and they won’t cost a penny. You’re probably already doing classes or taking workshops and they cost money. And there’s a good chance that you work solidly on your practice by doing one off courses like Manuel Puro’s The Acting Habit (an amazing self tape course that I highly recommend – and NO I don’t get money for saying this just in case you were wondering!).

But a mentor is different. When you take on a mentor, you aren’t taking them on to improve your acting. At least not with me. When you work with a mentor it’s to help you achieve more on the business side of your career. Here’s just a few things that mentors help with:win an acting mentoring session

  • To lay the foundations to good acting habits and skills
  • To improve writing emails to casting directors and agents
  • To target the right producers and directors
  • To map out ways to improve your success rate at auditions and bookings
  • To get a fresh pair of eyes looking objectively at your career
  • To find new ways to tackle obstacles you’re finding to achieving your acting goals
  • To get your mindset in the right place.

All of this and more.

And there’s one other thing that mentors do. They love helping people – otherwise why would they do it after all! And sometimes they love helping people so much that they offer freebies!!

That’s right, freebies.

This January I’m offering one lucky human a free one-to-one session valued at £60 with me. The lucky person will get a session with me, a workbook to fill out prior, a B.AB.E. Report to work through afterwards, and later on will also receive a complimentary copy of my new book that’s coming out this year.

Please tell me you’re excited?

If you are, and you think that having a mentoring session is just what you need and could add real value to what you could achieve this 2018, then please pop over to the Facebook page, like the page, and share why you’d like to win it. That’s it!

And gosh darn it, do check out acting mentors in general. They are so incredibly useful at various points in our career. And hey, I might not be the right one for you – I’m not right for everyone after all – but I’m sure there is someone out there who could be perfect.

Yours in always learning!

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