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GUEST POST: How actors should network with writers

There is nothing I love more than bringing back guest bloggers to share more stories, and ladies and gentlemen, today is that day. Writer Jody Medland, who has recently released his first novel, The Moors, is back to talk about writing and acting and all things related. This blog really resonates with me for so many […]

GUEST POST: Why I love being a voiceover artist

Introducing the fabulous, and fabulously sounding, Rachael Naylor. Rachael works full time in the UK as a voiceover artist and you might even recognise her as the voice of Virgin Media, amongst other voices. I have been bugging Rachael to guest blog for me for a while now as she is constantly providing me with wonderful […]

GUEST POST: Disney Auditions and why your demo reel is important by Marie Skillern

I am absolutely delighted that Marie was able to share her industry knowledge with my B.A.B.E. readers about demo reels for Disney. With Disney movies like ‘Into The Woods‘ being shot in the UK right now (and obviously other Disney movies in LA and NY and the world) it’s important as actors that we think […]

GUEST POST: The secret to the art of performance

Felicity Jurd first appeared on B.A.B.E. a few months back with a wonderful post on voice overs. Felicity is now back to share some of the secrets to the art of performance…rehearsal! I hope you enjoy.   The secret to the art of performance – By Felicity Jurd Lately in my classes, I have been struck by the number […]

GUEST POST: To Hustle or not to Hustle

B.A.B.E. decided to get the low down from a fellow actor on all things related to the hustle. Now anyone who knows me, knows I love the words networking, hustling, catching up, socialising etc. And actors should know the importance of each of those terms. But one thing we must be mindful of is how much […]

GUEST POST: Good Habits by Paul Barry

Paul Barry is back in the hot seat for B.A.B.E. this week with Good Habits. If you missed his first guest posts you can see them here and the followup here. These articles were a wonderful addition the actor branding series and focused on making the right showreel choices. Enjoy today’s Good Habits post! Good Habits  – Paul Barry […]

Part 5. GUEST POST: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century – Part Two

Earlier in the week I was delighted to share with you a guest post from Paul Barry about showreels and the do’s and don’ts – as part of the actor branding series. I am now back to share Paul’s second blog on following on from this very topic. And in case you missed the first […]

Part 4. GUEST BLOG: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century (part one)

I would like to introduce the amazing and talented Paul Barry here to contribute to the branding series for actors. Paul has been an actor for over a decade, working on film and television. He also taught at the very prestigious NIDA in Australia for many years and (but wait there’s more) he owns and runs […]

GUEST POST: The Benefits of Being an Actor that Writes

That time again for a new guest blogger, and this week I would like to introduce Jody Medland who is a London based writer. I have known Jody for a very long time from the days when he dabbled in acting, to now, an established writer who has produced feature films, short stories, launched a […]