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The amazing Rachel Sheridan is in the house

I often talk about the UK Actors Tweetup, or you may have been to the event, or seen it on the Acting Resources page. This month we are delighted to welcome the wonderful Rachel Sheridan, from Rachel Freck’s office (amongst others) at Thirst Bar, Soho, to talk. The reason why Rachel is so great to […]

Choices, and more choices

Choice is a funny thing. It comes into our lives every day but often we are completely oblivious that we are making choices. Then there are times when it smacks you in the face like a wet cloth and you’re really aware of the fragility of life, and the effects of your yes’ and no’s. For […]

Why books (and classes) are so important

Have you ever sat down and thought, blooming heck, all I seem to do is send agent emails and tweet back to Casting Director and nothing much else?! Insanity right. Do you make time to read in between your auditions and line learning and television watching? I had a brilliant acting book that I was […]

The merit of Casting Director workshops

It’s an argument that comes up a lot. “Do I pay to be seen by a Casting Director (CD) in an organised workshop, or not.” Actors fork out money left and right and we never know where our next pay cheque is coming from. So do we spend that last months corporate job cashola on […]