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How to go from Auditions to offer

I’ve spoken about Emily Grace before. I have even done a webinar with her once which was a tonne of fun. And so I’m back to share her latest news because I really rate Emily. But firstly, the questions Emily wants you to answer are – Are you frustrated by the audition process? Do you […]

Getting free awesomeness with Emily Grace

You might have heard me last year chatting live on a webisode with the brilliant LA based Emily Grace. And later in the year guesting on her incredible two week program The Big Picture where she had all kinds of speakers talk about the industry from various vantage points (finance to well-being and spirituality), sharing […]

Have you created it…

    When I ask this question (have you created it?) I don’t mean have you baked your favourite cake? Or have you knitted an amazing beanie. Although these are both positively exquisite things to do, and things I endorse wholeheartedly. But what I mean is have you created that thing that helps you not just exist as an […]