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Stuck indoors for an indefinite period of time (a look at this time)

This lockdown has been life-changing. For so many of us, we never expected we would ever see this in our lifetimes. For a select few, they’ve been saying this is coming for a very long time (just catch a few TED talks and they’ll tell you – references at the bottom). Sadly it is happening. […]

Meditation is rocking my world

This week I read something fabulous in a teeny little book my cousin bought for me as a gift, that was called “the little book of mindfulness”. Have you seen it? It’s the cutest little green book that you can buy in Oliver Bonas and other little stores that sell fabulous kitsch stuff. Anyway, this […]

Critters inside

  Imagine for a moment that you are on a trampoline. You are energetically jumping up and down, up and down, feeling the wind through your hair, heart racing, leaves rustling around you. The birds are chirping, a child giggles and you can’t help but smile. And then you jump off the trampoline and you […]