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Hottest new casting resource in town…YES!

One of the biggest frustrations I had when I first moved to the UK over a decade ago, was that I had no idea where to go to find acting work. Sure I could google it, but that didn’t tell me which sites were legitimate and which were a total fraud (just like looking for […]

Have you ever been a reader for a Casting Director?

When we spend our lives improving our craft, it’s important that we consider every aspect of what we do and where we can learn. Courses offer us insightful lessons into how to act, getting a team behind us help with the management of our business, and getting in the room helps us with booking jobs. […]

Please stop talking

This is the wonderful moment where you tell me EVERYTHING about yourself and I listen. I sit patiently and I nod at the appropriate times and I listen to whatever the f&@% you are saying about yourself because I can hardly even remember what you just said because it’s been so long since I’ve taken […]

Read to me (or being a reader)

Please indulge me while I vent for a moment. Right now there are maybe a million actors around the globe trying to make it as an actor (I tried to google this information but it was impossible to get exact statistics), be that part time, full time, in school or just starting out. So if […]

The Big Picture…for actors

So I am really excited to announce something…right when we are in Autumn and actors aren’t sure if they are ready to run away and hide or push on until the end of the year something is about to happen. And luckily you get this little gift to keep you pushing on before the end […]

How now brown cow

The age old adage from that brilliant song “don’t worry, be happy” is the truest thing I know right now. I am such a fretter. I can’t help it. I worry if rent will be paid on time, if I’ll keep making enough to be an actor, if I can afford babies later (yes girls […]


I have been really fortunate in the last few months to see a lot of performers in auditions and it’s been wonderfully entertaining, as well as being such a great lesson and reminder about what we need to remember to do in auditions. Auditions are as important as booking the job and working on set. […]