The Big Picture…for actors

So I am really excited to announce something…right when we are in Autumn and actors aren’t sure if they are ready to run away and hide or push on until the end of the year something is about to happen. And luckily you get this little gift to keep you pushing on before the end of the year rather than running away and tucking into your favourite Sunday roast.

The Big Picture is coming online to a computer, iPad, smart phone or general internet device near you, and I’ve been asked to guest speak! Oh my goodness right.

Yes, I’m talking about an online summit that will focus on specific acting goals you want to make happen by the end of 2014 (where does the time go!), and also how you want to feel in the rest of your life.

The Big Picture – what is it exactly?

Unconventional tools for unconventional actors to build a life + career on your terms

A week-long FREE (yes free yo!) online program of experts sharing tools, tips and personal experience to inspire and empower creative types. Hosted by actor-marketing coach and award-winning actress Emily Grace (remember her from the World Acting Summit!).

Speakers are going to chat about not just one aspect of an acting career, but all aspects of a happy and fulfilling life. From acting craft and actor marketing, to health, spirituality, and self-love, The Big Picture has something for everyone.

I’ll be speaking about all things acting and how to be different (in a cool awesome way) from everyone else.

Who it’s for:

  • Ang as a Mad Men galUnconventional actors who want to forge their own path
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers who live by their own rules
  • Unique storytellers who want to use their voice to create change
  • Multi-hyphenate performers (actor/writers, actor/directors, actor/editors…) Artists who understand that all areas of their lives are intertwined

When it’s happening:

October 13-17, online. And this event is free to join!

Register here:

I really hope you can make it along to listen to this. Let’s do this together! You’re already a B.A.B.E. so this is just about getting you one step closer to your dream career.

Angela x

PS – Help us spread the word! The world needs what you have (and we need what your friends have too)! Spread the love.

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