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Your “Entourage”

Well if Adrian Grenier can have one, so can I. Right? Your personal entourage is extremely important. I bet if you sit down right now and make a list, there is a very good chance you have half a dozen people in that list already…if not more. Think about it. Let’s start with the easy […]

GUEST POST: Good Habits by Paul Barry

Paul Barry is back in the hot seat for B.A.B.E. this week with Good Habits. If you missed his first guest posts you can see them here and the followup here. These articles were a wonderful addition the actor branding series and focused on making the right showreel choices. Enjoy today’s Good Habits post! Good Habits  – Paul Barry […]

The Christmas lull-aby

This post comes from a chat with a lovely acting friend of mine today about the lull that happens every year around Christmas time. Before we know it, Christmas is upon us and castings slow down for the holiday season. Mulled wine consumption increases, gym memberships find they aren’t being used enough, and our acting […]