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Do you know what to do once you book a commercial?

I remember the first time I landed a commercial. I had been on sets before, even big sets. But those sets were never about lil old me. Those sets were for huge actors and I was just a background artist or stand in, watching and learning the craft. No, a commercial with me as the […]

Final holiday time update for 2017

I don’t want to alarm anyone but we only have a few more sleeps until Christmas….are you ready? Presents bought? Agent and Casting Director thank you’s sent? I am sitting in a cafe right now and Under the Boardwalk is playing. It’s reminding me of misspent youth, of days in the sun riding my bike through pineapple fields, […]

Hottest new casting resource in town…YES!

One of the biggest frustrations I had when I first moved to the UK over a decade ago, was that I had no idea where to go to find acting work. Sure I could google it, but that didn’t tell me which sites were legitimate and which were a total fraud (just like looking for […]

Read to me (or being a reader)

Please indulge me while I vent for a moment. Right now there are maybe a million actors around the globe trying to make it as an actor (I tried to google this information but it was impossible to get exact statistics), be that part time, full time, in school or just starting out. So if […]

Have you created it…

    When I ask this question (have you created it?) I don’t mean have you baked your favourite cake? Or have you knitted an amazing beanie. Although these are both positively exquisite things to do, and things I endorse wholeheartedly. But what I mean is have you created that thing that helps you not just exist as an […]