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How to…for acting websites in The Stage this week

How is your acting website on a scale of 1-10? Would you say people rave about it? Do they come back and look at it again and again? Is your bounce rate higher than a basketball in a game with Michael Jordan?… Yes you know I love to talk about branding and stereotypes and emails to Casting […]

Letting your crowd decide

Seth Godin touched on a cool point this week about listening only to the top 40. It got me thinking about the mass-market angle of acting, and what we do, what we see, and what we perceive, to be the way forward. We can always go down the angle of being all things to all […]

Come Jam with me…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Come rain, hail or shine Cinema Jam do their thing. This was my first time, and with London doing it’s classically British rainy thing, I arrived drenched, three industry friends in tow, to be promptly bustled up some stairs and into a crazy room filled with bean bags, high chairs, […]

Part 5. GUEST POST: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century – Part Two

Earlier in the week I was delighted to share with you a guest post from Paul Barry about showreels and the do’s and don’ts – as part of the actor branding series. I am now back to share Paul’s second blog on following on from this very topic. And in case you missed the first […]

Part 4. GUEST BLOG: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century (part one)

I would like to introduce the amazing and talented Paul Barry here to contribute to the branding series for actors. Paul has been an actor for over a decade, working on film and television. He also taught at the very prestigious NIDA in Australia for many years and (but wait there’s more) he owns and runs […]

GUEST POST: The Benefits of Being an Actor that Writes

That time again for a new guest blogger, and this week I would like to introduce Jody Medland who is a London based writer. I have known Jody for a very long time from the days when he dabbled in acting, to now, an established writer who has produced feature films, short stories, launched a […]

Part 1. USP’s rather than uncompromising silly positions

When you are setting up as an actor you’ll often hear the words “branding” and “USP” used a good deal. These two words are not merely clever marketing speak from some floosy who didn’t make it past acting school and moved instead to journalism. These two words encompass two very important things about you, the […]