Monthly Archives: February 2013

Critters inside

  Imagine for a moment that you are on a trampoline. You are energetically jumping up and down, up and down, feeling the wind through your hair, heart racing, leaves rustling around you. The birds are chirping, a child giggles and you can’t help but smile. And then you jump off the trampoline and you […]

Love’s little agents of change

My friends tease that I can’t technically call this my own lake…one day!  I learn a lot, daily! Every single day, every single breath, I am touched by friends, life, family and love. Sometimes it is simply in the form of a breathtaking view of the lake in my common like this one I took […]

Save the last stats for me

Yes I am playing on lyrics in my blogs now…well excuse the cheeky word play but lets not dance around the topic anymore (oh the puns!). Why did I name this week’s blog save the last stats for me? Because this post is all about statistics! A long long while ago I mentioned the topic of creating […]