The Name Blame Game


Your head is screaming at you. Stop being such a stupid fool. Who are you kidding about this acting malarkey. Stop screwing it all up.

Ever done that? Ever sat there and given yourself way too much grief about something you didn’t do?

In the true spirit of B.A.B.E. there is nothing like a good old-fashioned share fest. So in today’s vblog I want to share with you about The Name Blame Game. Find out how I was playing the Name Blame Game with myself (don’t worry this is a short one…oh and I actually recorded it while it was snowing. Shame I didn’t catch the snow in the footage).


So what is the Name Blame Game? It is where you have decided to call yourself silly names (or sometimes someone else if you’re blaming someone else) for something that didn’t happen! Whatever it was, you didn’t do it and you are beating yourself up mentally about it. You are throwing yourself over the hot coals and reminding yourself over and over again how dumb that was.

I guess it could also be called Name Calling Game! …you know…something like “Stupid me, stupid me stupid me.

Isn’t it crazy how we beat ourselves up mentally about doing something wrong. Did we stuff up the audition? Did I say the wrong thing at that event? Was that email I sent worded badly? Oh did I miss that event again? Why did I not wear the right outfit? Am I too old to be an actor? Why didn’t I apply for that audition? Why didn’t I….  STOP!

There is absolutely no point. Once it has happened it is over. It is time to move on. We, as people, make mistakes every day. It is actually okay to make mistakes. We are not super human beings that are capable of anything and everything.

And sometimes the Name Blame Game might even be directed at another person – they made you late so you missed your audition; they weren’t free to help you self-tape; they didn’t help you learn your lines; they put you in a bad mood; they didn’t turn up to rehearsals. Whatever. We all make mistakes. But when we ride that silly mistake over and over in our heads again and again and again the only thing we do is remind ourselves we are not good enough. We send out negative energy to the world that says, hey yeah sorry I’m always this crap.

Instead what we want to do is find our inner peace. Made a mistake? Recognise it. Take it in. Have a moment for it to sit on your body. Then LET IT GO! Breath it out and move onto a new day, a new month, a new February in fact!

Be kind to your mind, be even kinder to your body, and the most kind you can be to your heart!

You are a B.A.B.E. But hey, even B.A.B.E.s make mistakes every once in a while 😉


Where else can I read about how to get my head in check?  As I mentioned in the vblog, there are some great reads out there about getting our heads in the right space. Here are some interesting blogs that extend on this topic + some:

  • Can’t tell you how much I adore Tara Bliss over at Such Different Skies. This blog post called “Do You Have a Scanner Personality” resonated with me so much!  

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