Love’s little agents of change

My friends tease that I can’t technically call this my
own lake…one day! 

I learn a lot, daily!

Every single day, every single breath, I am touched by friends, life, family and love.

Sometimes it is simply in the form of a breathtaking view of the lake in my common like this one I took today. Usually it is the simplest things.

And tonight I was watching some TED talks because I had a particular one I was seeking out to share with a friend. And during that period of frantic google searching (you know the kind where you keep putting words in that make sense in your head but bring up the most ridiculous outcomes…no I am not looking for a dog with no legs) I stumbled across this one where Alberto Cairo speaks of his experience in clinics in Afghanistan. And the bit that blew me away comes in around the 15 minute mark, but the real power of his story is if you watch it from the beginning. He also talks of agents of change.*

I wonder, are you an agent of change? Alberto shared “There is always a better way to do things“.

And I believe there is always a better way to be as well. So my question for today is have you’ve found it…that better way to be?

When was the last time you looked into someone’s eye and actually thanked them; truthfully thanked them. Thanked them for being them. Thanked them for being in your life. Thanked them for the blessing that is their smile.

When was the last time you looked into an actors eyes as they shared great news of their successes and you really truly nodded with delight as you learned that they are rocking it. Did you allow that part of you that wanted to be jealous to subside so for just a few brief moments you could really celebrate and share their success.

A most wonderful moment happened to me just last week as I was sipping a green tea with a devilishly handsome [*insert cheeky smile*] friend. He asked me what my acting highlight was for 2012. What a delightful question I thought. I sat there and pondered the answer and then finally I shared my best guess. And then I asked him right back. His story was so much more fantastic and wonderful than mine. And in that moment, I just stopped and thought “wow, this guy is great and HE really deserves this”. I was so happy for him. I was honestly, selflessly delighted with his success and progress.

And I must say this is not always easy for me. Sometimes I just want to look to the Gods in the heavens and raise my fists and say “why”… Why have you not yet ‘discovered me’. Why did you give that girl a huge role in a multi billion dollar movie about vampires but forgot that I am amazing at other roles and you need to distribute the opportunities a little. Sometimes I just want to say, come on man!

But alas my B.A.B.E.’s there is always a better way to be and that is to be humble and open and accepting in life. Trust me, the gift of love is far far greater than the gift of jealously, resentment or hate. We already have enough of that to destroy our world ten times over. Far more hate exists in the world than I ever want to fathom. Why not send out love’s little angels into the world instead.

So the next time you are feeling uninspired and frustrated in your acting pursuits, sit down with someone who you adore and who inspires you and have a little chat! I promise you, you’ll feel better. Be your own agent of change! Find a better way to just be.

“Be love’s little agent of positive change.”

As a side note, if you want to read more about giving forward then check out what my beautiful acting friend Carrie had to say about it here (I swear I wanted to jump queues and buy everyone a coffee after I read this post).

* I must also mention this is not a new TED talk. I just happened to see it tonight but it was released back in Nov 2011. 

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