Thanks for popping by. It turns out that B.A.B.E. is actually over 10 years old now… can you believe it. Wayyy back when I (Angela Peters – that lady above smiling into the camera dreaming of eating a donut once again…I’m gluten free you see) decided to start a mentoring business for actors who couldn’t navigate the, well, business side of the industry, I set about creating something that felt empowering, exciting, and you know, achievable. And it is blooming well is. Right?

B.A.B.E. is Begin Acting. Be Everything. And 12 years on I still stand by this name (even if it sounds so silly – like I’m calling myself a “babe” which I am not). I am actually calling every person out there who goes for it in this crazy industry, a babe. If you are willing to do the work, to power forward, to make it happen for yourself, then you my friend are a freaking babe.

But I digress. I have had my lovely website now for over 10 years now, mostly thanks to my awesome IT guy Mathew (ask me if you ever want his deets) and we decided it was time for a fresh look and an upgrade. So here we are.

Stay tuned this year for all kinds of wonderful. We have a course coming, more freebies, resources, interviews and generally useful acting stuff, and maybe even some updated books.

But what I leave you with right now is this…

If the last 2-3 years felt like a massive frantic crazy big blip in your acting trajectory, fear not. It happened to everyone, and everyone is recovering and adjusting to a new version of themselves and the world. Your career isn’t over because you didn’t do anything for a few years or months. Your career is always going. You’ve invested in yourself being an actor thus far, and long may it continue. I hope we get to hang on your journey upward!

Much love B.A.B.E.’s

Angela x

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