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Judgy parents…stay away from me

The Monster mums And just like that, I’m going on a rant! NOTE: This blog post has literally nothing to do with acting. I don’t mind how you want to raise your child, but I really don’t love it when it’s shoved in my face. If you only feed your baby organic, vegan, nutritious snacks […]

Why every mum (who drinks) should have a teepee

I won’t lie. I am not the mother who is going to win any prizes for not drinking, for being the perfect doting angelic parent who makes sure every single thing that goes into their baby’s mouth is organic, or who hasn’t had a little lie in…in their baby’s teepee. Yeah that’s right. I build him a […]

Why Acting Mummy?

Well I don’t have enough to do right – with this blog, acting mentoring, copywriting, auditions, filming, voiceovers, and running the UK Actors Tweetup. Why not do another thing – she says as she runs for cover in a tiny plastic tent hidden in the wilderness…call me in ten years when I come out from […]

An upside down world (baby blues)

A baby arrives and just like that, my life is turned upside down. I’m awake when I should be asleep, sleeping when I would normally be happily awake. I fall asleep almost instantly if I’m horizontal, and I was already a good sleeper. Otto is my world now (well at least full time for the […]

An expectant acting mother

Yes you guessed it…this B.A.B.E. writer and acting coach is having a wee baby! Crazy days ahead for me and baby daddy. And the lovely folk at Honest Actors were kind enough to invite me to talk more (honestly) about what this means for me. Have you been considering having a baby yourself? Are you […]