Why Acting Mummy?

Well I don’t have enough to do right – with this blog, acting mentoring, copywriting, auditions, filming, voiceovers, and running the UK Actors Tweetup. Why not do another thing – she says as she runs for cover in a tiny plastic tent hidden in the wilderness…call me in ten years when I come out from hiding again!

I have been acting on and off now for well over 15 years, and mostly in the last five years I would even go so far as to say a ‘fulltime’ working actor, even if there’s not really such a thing as full time (I guess if you were doing the soaps then you might qualify)…does earning about the same amount as the kid at Costas count 😉 But regardless of the definition, I’ve been enjoying the bliss that being a creative freelancer brings as my choice of lifestyle for a long while now.

And then along came bubba O and my mind has been blown. Without even realizing it, my world has been turned upside down and I have another tiny human to look after. And nothing prepares you for that change. No books, no parent friend, no classes.

And this also changes everything for an actor, or an acting mummy. Suddenly responsibility is thrust upon me and I have to make sure that I can provide for this tiny little man and also still attempt to enjoy this wonderful life that my partner and I have created for ourselves. But most importantly, I have to provide for this tiny human..like keep him alive and stuff. Like change his nappy A LOT, and feed him, and love him, and be nice to him even when he wakes up every two hours!!!

It can be absolutely terrifying. I won’t lie. I love all those glossy bloggers out there who talk about how easy it is to flick around the world earning loads of money with their online businesses. Interestingly I’ve found most of them are selling courses to teach others how to have online businesses. But hey, they still get to do what they do so well done them (gosh Angela, try and sound a bit more grateful! HA).

But since actors can’t really do that, I figure the next best thing is to get out there and share my experiences, in the vain hope that someone else might be inspired to leave that dirty miserable fulltime office job they’ve been hating for about eight years now, and boldly plunge into no man’s land….the blissful land of opportunity and freedom that exists in the freelance world.

Maybe you want to do that? Maybe you’re actually one step further and you are already on a creative journey but aren’t yet doing it full time. Perhaps you are a freelance writer (I do a bit of that), or perhaps you make jewelry or other fabulous bespoke pieces on Etsy. Maybe you’re a fulltime mum (which is a fulltime job in itself) but want to ease back into work. Whatever your thing is, if it isn’t a nine to five job, I bet you sometimes have moments of elation when a huge paycheck comes in and other times when you’re being very careful about how many coffees you’re treating yourself to on the high street because you’re terrified the gas bill will bounce in your bank account. What a rush huh!

So steady on, and take your time. You don’t have to leave your job just yet. All I want to do is encourage you to at least look at ‘other’ ways to live. Maybe just maybe, even if you have a child or two, you’re bold enough and skillful enough to choose this lifestyle too. I believe you are!

And thus ends my explanation for why acting mummy? Because I believe through sharing consciously and through inviting conversation, we create new infinite possibilities for ourselves and others. I believe we spark change. I believe we invite magical opportunities. I also believe that good will prevail and that Trump is just a temporary thing.

Oh wait, I got sidetracked on politics. Sorry!!

See you after a few more nappy changes.


acting mummy at a baby party


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