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Have you heard about Hygge?

Anyone heard about the concept of Hygge? It’s been sweeping the photo scene and Insta scene for a bit, but right now it seems to bubble away largely away from the mainstream fads (which I am pleased about). But it’s a brilliant concept, feeling, idea… Hygge Hygge is associated with acknowledging an emotion or moment of […]

Choices, and more choices

Choice is a funny thing. It comes into our lives every day but often we are completely oblivious that we are making choices. Then there are times when it smacks you in the face like a wet cloth and you’re really aware of the fragility of life, and the effects of your yes’ and no’s. For […]

Hitching up your Harry High Pants

Well here here we have it. A new generation of wonder girls hitching up their Harry high pants and taking super mum to the next level. It was always coming. It’s what our generations call power women (yes I use plural for the word generation for those of you still in your teeny pre-20’s with the rest of […]

Your moment of truth has arrived…I think…

What is that moment of truth? I had a fascinating discussion a few weeks back with a wonderfully talented actor about our “truth” as actors. Basically the conversation was about how far we go. Many years ago I attended Ecole Philippe Gaulier’s clowning course in Paris. The man is a genius, he really is. He […]