Monthly Archives: May 2016

Per Bristow is coming to town

This is so exciting! Per in London…   I first heard about Per Bristow through a really great mate of mine in LA. And any friend of my buddy Darren’s is automatically a friend of mine. Then Per and I got talking and I got why they were buddies. So what’s so special about Per? […]

A note to my younger self

When I started out in drama school (more than 15 years ago now) it all seemed a lot simpler. Work hard in class, do your hours of homework, be disciplined and focused, and follow your predecessors once you out. That is, find a decent agent, get auditions, book jobs. What I wasn’t prepared for is the […]

How to…for acting websites in The Stage this week

How is your acting website on a scale of 1-10? Would you say people rave about it? Do they come back and look at it again and again? Is your bounce rate higher than a basketball in a game with Michael Jordan?… Yes you know I love to talk about branding and stereotypes and emails to Casting […]