Per Bristow is coming to town

This is so exciting! Per in London…


I first heard about Per Bristow through a really great mate of mine in LA. And any friend of my buddy Darren’s is automatically a friend of mine. Then Per and I got talking and I got why they were buddies.

So what’s so special about Per? Well he does transformational work with people in a room, with singing, and talking, and chatting and stuff. AND he’s going to be in London next weekend on Saturday the 21st May, at the Kingsway Hall Hotel.

I know right. EXCITING! And there’s even a special B.A.B.E. offer I’m going to mention in a moment. But back to Per.

This is gonna be big! This is gonna be huge.

Per has worked with 10000’s of people around the world. Honestly. He isn’t an actor dabbling in acting coaching or any of that other I-failed-to-make-it-myself-therefore-I-train-now.  He’s a bonafide creator of helping people turn weaknesses into strengths. Finding their free essentially.

Learning about effective voice training, how to release fears and anxieties and be able to become freer, more expressive and confident under stress and when it matters the most is mighty powerful. What do you say?

If you’re feeling a little like 2016 isn’t going according to plan, and you feel like you need a kick in the pants, then this is your event. The one off workshop day is going to lift your spirits, and sort out that rubbish you have going on in your head. Per Bristow in London


And then there’s the discount! 

If you want to be involved in this course, then you get a discount because I know Per. He’s got his last few tickets left and he’s giving my B.A.B.E. and UK Actors Tweetup members $50 off. I didn’t get to meet Per until after he’d already sold out on the VIP tickets. But the main event is still selling! And that whopping $50 off is going to save you nearly a third of the price. YAY.

** The prices are in US dollars so the course ends up being RIDICULOUSLY well priced for us London folk.

Use this one day event as a chance to meet other actors, singers, industry people, and people around London and beyond in general. And then network with everyone you meet at the event afterwards.

…and isn’t it a tax deduction when it’s work related? (check that with your accountant freelancers, but I’m pretty sure it would be).

To get the discount use this link and code:


Go to Per’s amazing event: CLICK HERE

Code to punch in: LL6


And finally, to see more about Per so you can see that he is the real deal (as if you don’t believe me already!), check out all his YouTube videos, like this one. Per Bristow is coming to townHe’s got some on here with over a million hits.

More about Per, on his website. If you are coming, make sure you let me know too.


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