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You read B.A.B.E. – how does it all work?

So you read B.A.B.E. and you wanna get the emails too. Here’s how it works. Firstly if you haven’t subscribed, then you can do so here: [su_button text=”SUBSCRIBE TO B.A.B.E.” url=”https://actingbabe.com/subscribe” type=”info” icon=”heart”]less[/su_button] Then it’s always useful to know how the emails work. To help you as an actor, they’re sent as the following: BABE […]

GUEST POST: Disney Auditions and why your demo reel is important by Marie Skillern

I am absolutely delighted that Marie was able to share her industry knowledge with my B.A.B.E. readers about demo reels for Disney. With Disney movies like ‘Into The Woods‘ being shot in the UK right now (and obviously other Disney movies in LA and NY and the world) it’s important as actors that we think […]


I have been really fortunate in the last few months to see a lot of performers in auditions and it’s been wonderfully entertaining, as well as being such a great lesson and reminder about what we need to remember to do in auditions. Auditions are as important as booking the job and working on set. […]