You read B.A.B.E. – how does it all work?

So you read B.A.B.E. and you wanna get the emails too. Here’s how it works.reasons for acting mentors

Firstly if you haven’t subscribed, then you can do so here:

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Then it’s always useful to know how the emails work. To help you as an actor, they’re sent as the following:

BABE files

These are complete “round-up” emails of ideas for your acting life in general. This will include some of the latest blogs if you haven’t seen them, as well as awesome stuff for acting and life in general. 

BABE Blitz

These are really specific targeted emails designed to get you moving and shaking on areas you can work on in more detail, like how to be a voiceover artist for example.

BABE Offers

These emails will offer you something truly unique and cool like one-to-ones with Casting Directors, special offers only available to my audience, and even freebies. So keep your eyes peeled.


And from there…
I aim to send you emails every few weeks, and occasionally more if some really exciting things are taking place. So stay tuned, and make sure our email theactingbabe at gmail dot com is in your safe senders list.

And right now, check out the Resources page for free stuff for actors.


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2 thoughts on “You read B.A.B.E. – how does it all work?

    • Angela Peters says:

      Hi Sara, That is great that you are on Casting Networks. It’s such a fantastic platform and they have some great auditions coming through each day. As you build up your professional experience, you can keep adding that to your CV, and then you can show that profile to potential agents and discuss the opportunity for them to represent you in the future.

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