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Stuck indoors for an indefinite period of time (a look at this time)

This lockdown has been life-changing. For so many of us, we never expected we would ever see this in our lifetimes. For a select few, they’ve been saying this is coming for a very long time (just catch a few TED talks and they’ll tell you – references at the bottom). Sadly it is happening. […]

GUEST POST: The Benefits of Being an Actor that Writes

That time again for a new guest blogger, and this week I would like to introduce Jody Medland who is a London based writer. I have known Jody for a very long time from the days when he dabbled in acting, to now, an established writer who has produced feature films, short stories, launched a […]

Love’s little agents of change

My friends tease that I can’t technically call this my own lake…one day!  I learn a lot, daily! Every single day, every single breath, I am touched by friends, life, family and love. Sometimes it is simply in the form of a breathtaking view of the lake in my common like this one I took […]