Monthly Archives: May 2014

Letting your crowd decide

Seth Godin touched on a cool point this week about listening only to the top 40. It got me thinking about the mass-market angle of acting, and what we do, what we see, and what we perceive, to be the way forward. We can always go down the angle of being all things to all […]

Four Things Drama School Never Told You

So one thing I love is finding new resources and places to read about what I do…acting. And recently I found London Actors’ Hub. The reason I like them is I love what they’re doing, I love their blog, and I love what they have coming up. So I was delighted when they asked to come […]

Acting help needed? Just ask

Yes it’s as simple as that really. Just Ask. What? You just ask for what you want? Yes you absolutely do! When faced with a challenge, chances are you will respond in one of two ways – procrastinate or jump right in and go for it. Sadly, more often than not, I see actors run […]

GUEST POST: Why I love being a voiceover artist

Introducing the fabulous, and fabulously sounding, Rachael Naylor. Rachael works full time in the UK as a voiceover artist and you might even recognise her as the voice of Virgin Media, amongst other voices. I have been bugging Rachael to guest blog for me for a while now as she is constantly providing me with wonderful […]