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Your chess moves to your top five Casting Directors

Don’t be a sentimental fool and get bogged down in the good old days. Now is the time to have the courage to attack those goals you set back in January with conviction. It’s March so everyone is a little bit happier, it’s getting warmer, the days are longer (well except for you lovelies down […]

The way we share

As you will see in my e-blog (posting soon) I was delighted to see some beautiful sharing on set from co-workers recently. I felt so privileged to work with them on the project, not because it was a glossy high budget Hollywood movie, because it wasn’t, but because they were ridiculously professional, focuses and giving, […]

Thank you for being a friend

Today is the International Day of Friendship and from the bottom of my B.A.B.E. heart I want to say thank you for being my friend. For every time you’ve shared the blog, each time you’ve told me what you enjoyed, every retweet you’ve sent, and every time you’ve liked a post, thank you for being my […]