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Letting your crowd decide

Seth Godin touched on a cool point this week about listening only to the top 40. It got me thinking about the mass-market angle of acting, and what we do, what we see, and what we perceive, to be the way forward. We can always go down the angle of being all things to all […]

Chomping down on a bit of healthy reality

To all my friends, family, supporters, challengers and more, thank you! I don’t know where I would be today if I wasn’t truly inspired by so many people along the way. Some highlights for me this year included discovering some incredible new bloggers, making new industry pals, and taking rock climbing up a notch….which means […]

Part 1. USP’s rather than uncompromising silly positions

When you are setting up as an actor you’ll often hear the words “branding” and “USP” used a good deal. These two words are not merely clever marketing speak from some floosy who didn’t make it past acting school and moved instead to journalism. These two words encompass two very important things about you, the […]

Little Miss Lazy Daisy

Last week I had a wonderful and very grounding moment where I was reminded about not being complacent in this industry.  I was called by a Casting Director about an audition for a paid film role and asked to audition.  That night I read the film script (it was great!) and I really wanted to […]