Chomping down on a bit of healthy reality

To all my friends, family, supporters, challengers and more, thank you!

I don’t know where I would be today if I wasn’t truly inspired by so many people along the way. Some highlights for me this year included discovering some incredible new bloggers, making new industry pals, and taking rock climbing up a notch….which means I permanently look like the kid bullied at school with scratched knees and bruised arms!

I remember the first time I read (a blog David the writer describes as a street level look at the human experience), my mind was officially blown….Just like the magician in When in Rome 🙂. Such insights, such wisdom, such youthful thoughts! What a journey I’ve had through David’s blogging wisdom.

I guess that’s what I look for every single day. To be challenged, moulded, shaped and created into a new and different being. The Artist’s Way this year has helped so much with that. Learning how to meditate has been equally cathartic (my post on starting that). And you know, just knowing that actually, it really doesn’t matter one little bit if we screw up, get dumped by an agent, land a bigger one, throw away a decent audition, miss a friend’s birthday, or accidentally forget which day Father’s Day is (sorry dad!). We are who we are and we are wonderful just the same.

Sometimes I just want to squeeze the world there is so much wonder in it. The only thing I imagine would be worse than seeing each day in with excitement and a little bit of trepidation, is boredom.

I refuse to be that gal who settles – in life, in love, in friendship, or in work!

And simplistic as it sounds, I’m going to tackle two weeks of total sobriety and detoxing for the start of 2014. I know everyone loves to do this but I typically don’t subscribe to that nonsense. I usually sit up high on my pedestal looking down at all the morbid, grumpy and healthy beings thinking why bother! Want something truly magnificent in your life? Neck a bottle of Veuve.

I know that might sound like a lame goal and totally achievable. But for me, I’ve spent most of my adult life enjoying a glass of wine to wind down almost daily. So imagining going out with mates and sipping a green tea or tomato juice whilst everyone else is having a mulled wine or cider for two weeks, sounds freakishly terrifying to me. And hence why I just gotta have a go. Maybe I’ll even manage longer.

See as I get a little older, and attempt to be even the teensiest bit wiser, I recognise the value of sacrifice, cleansing, and being holistically good to oneself. I intend to see for myself what these benefits are and to report back. Easier said when writing a blog while chopping away on the left overs of yesterday’s incredible Christmas lunch. Righteo….wish me luck.

Finally, thank you for an incredible year. And for being my virtual readers wherever you are.

Angela x

“nothing compares, no worries or cares, regrets and mistakes, they’re memories made. Who would known how bitter sweet this would taste.”

  – Adele

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