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Interview with… Walles Hamonde

This week, we get up close and personal with actor Walles Hamonde to find out what it was like working on one of the biggest films of 2016, what Walles has coming up, and what his favourite ever role would be.  But first up, here’s a little bit about Walles himself: Walles Hamonde competed as a […]

A Two Headed Interview with Liz McMullen

Last week I had the most wonderful opportunity to see a show at the Rose, Bankside, on press night.  The show was Two Headed, performed by the endearing Liz McMullen along with her acting partner in crime, Noor Lawson, and brilliantly directed by Amy Bonsall.  I was blown away. So I decided to meet with […]

Trick or tweeting again

Part 2   Last week we heard from two very talented actors about how they use twitter, and today we will hear from three more. As we know acting is about networking, talking, sharing, attending, working and planning and twitter provides just one more piece of armour to help you do that and stay on […]

Trick or tweet

Part 1 Yes this is only part one as we have another few tweet experts joining us in my later blogs! I’ve decided it’s Christmas in July and to celebrate I’ve hit up some of Santas little twitter helpers to give me their insight into making twitter work for you, the actor. Did you know […]