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A message from my pre-mummy self

Since becoming a mum, so many things have become clear that I had no idea about before. There’s a love I know that is fierce and fast. There is frustration I know that is quick and crazy. There is serenity that I know, only when they’re asleep. And there is a dependence that I know, […]

Final holiday time update for 2017

I don’t want to alarm anyone but we only have a few more sleeps until Christmas….are you ready? Presents bought? Agent and Casting Director thank you’s sent? I am sitting in a cafe right now and Under the Boardwalk is playing. It’s reminding me of misspent youth, of days in the sun riding my bike through pineapple fields, […]

I was on the radio (again!!!) #humblebragging #excited

Hi all you groovy funsters. Guess who was on Soho Radio last week – EEEEEK. I had the best time ever. I walked into the studio to meet three of the most amazing humans, running this wicked show called Free Seed on Soho every Wednesday. And for 30 minutes of that show, I got to […]

Hottest new casting resource in town…YES!

One of the biggest frustrations I had when I first moved to the UK over a decade ago, was that I had no idea where to go to find acting work. Sure I could google it, but that didn’t tell me which sites were legitimate and which were a total fraud (just like looking for […]

UK TweetFest gala

For the last six years I’ve been running the UK Actors Tweetup, alongside a bunch of incredible folk. And now the time is here for our first ever short film festival, AKA TWEETFEST. This week we announced the final line up for the gala event taking place at the Hackney Attic at Hackney Picturehouse on […]

Save the last stats for me

Yes I am playing on lyrics in my blogs now…well excuse the cheeky word play but lets not dance around the topic anymore (oh the puns!). Why did I name this week’s blog save the last stats for me? Because this post is all about statistics! A long long while ago I mentioned the topic of creating […]