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A message from my pre-mummy self

Since becoming a mum, so many things have become clear that I had no idea about before. There’s a love I know that is fierce and fast. There is frustration I know that is quick and crazy. There is serenity that I know, only when they’re asleep. And there is a dependence that I know, […]

Have you heard about Hygge?

Anyone heard about the concept of Hygge? It’s been sweeping the photo scene and Insta scene for a bit, but right now it seems to bubble away largely away from the mainstream fads (which I am pleased about). But it’s a brilliant concept, feeling, idea… Hygge Hygge is associated with acknowledging an emotion or moment of […]

Choices, and more choices

Choice is a funny thing. It comes into our lives every day but often we are completely oblivious that we are making choices. Then there are times when it smacks you in the face like a wet cloth and you’re really aware of the fragility of life, and the effects of your yes’ and no’s. For […]

My top ten secrets (to my own potential fame)

Acting fears and stooopid stuff So here goes. I’m actually doing this. I’m announcing the top ten things that terrify me about acting or are my reality. My truest secrets, and what I think to myself about overcoming them. I wonder if any of these resonate with you. In no particular order… 1. I’m terrified […]

Proactive – what’s too much?

I got a little email recently from a little producer/director who wasn’t particularly pleased that I had emailed him. To put the following email excerpt (below) into context, I had spotted a really interesting non paid studio job that I really thought I might be right for. Granted it was a production email looking for a […]

How do you get inspired?

When I was a little girl I went to a primary school where I was taught by nuns. Long before my arrival there these nuns administered punishment in a way now banned. Naughty children would lay their tiny hands out on the old wooden school desks and receive a belt over their knuckles or a ruler firmly […]


I wrote this post last week and have been so excited about sharing it. I am coming to the end of an amazing holiday and I’m heading back to London, and I’ve hardly thought about work, acting, at all. It’s wonderful. Can you believe I even wrote that. I am blissfully taking a break, escaping […]

Meditation is rocking my world

This week I read something fabulous in a teeny little book my cousin bought for me as a gift, that was called “the little book of mindfulness”. Have you seen it? It’s the cutest little green book that you can buy in Oliver Bonas and other little stores that sell fabulous kitsch stuff. Anyway, this […]

A time to reflect

With the recent knowledge of a wonderful acting friend passing away, I wanted to dedicate this post to Amanda, a truly beautiful, talented and giving individual who will always have a piece of my heart. There’s so much beauty in the world that I would hate for a second to miss it. And the great […]

I got dropped

Ooooh the title says it all really. I got dropped. I actually got dropped off a project. It is near enough to a year ago now so it isn’t fresh and I’m not rocking myself to sleep each night crying. But I did feel a little (read that a lot) resentment at the time. Actors […]