Meditation is rocking my world

This week I read something fabulous in a teeny little book my cousin bought for me as a gift, that was called “the little book of mindfulness”. Have you seen it? It’s the cutest little green book that you can buy in Oliver The little book of mindfulnessBonas and other little stores that sell fabulous kitsch stuff. Anyway, this little book has actually inspired today’s B.A.B.E. post.

Let me elaborate. I was sitting on the common with a very wonderful handsome person just the other day and we were just chatting about random pages of this little book as I flicked through it. And I happened to read a piece about what mindfulness really is. And I had a little lightbulb moment.

Me: “Oh…so mindfulness just means being quiet for 10 minutes? Well that’s just my definition of meditation.”

Wonderful handsome person: “Yep.”

The thing is, and probably why ‘mindfulness’ is the big buzz word right now, everyone wants to shut out that little voice in their heads a bit. And I mean everyone. I have mates who work in corporate land and they have the same little voice, it just says different things to them than the words that we hear. I have friends who are bored in their relationship and they hear little voices, and I have friends who are desperate to crack the acting code, and they hear their versions of negativity and self-doubt. I do too.

So why meditation is so great is that for a few brief moments per day I can disappear to a place far far away that feels all warm and fuzzy and that truly transports my thinking. It creates for me a haven where there is prosperity, love, gratitude, reciprocity, smiling and warmth. And imagine if in daily life we got to use words like that all the time. I mean really take a moment to think about those words being in your daily moment to moment vocabulary.

NEWS FLASH. We already get to use those words any time we fancy. We can use those words anytime we like. I repeat, any time we like. We can use them to explain where we currently are, what road we are on, what’s going down, what’s great about today, what’s funky. And even when stuff is getting real, we can still settle the realness (stress, fatigue, freakouts etc) with those same sentiments. Like this:

My brain: “Hello Angela. You are doing such a crap job right now compared to all those successful friends of yours who are so much further along in their careers”.

Me back to my brain: “Thank you for that thought. I’m going to let that go now. You are great Angela. You’re doing just fine.”

I can honestly get myself in such a state when my little brain takes over and starts being Little Miss Compare Yourself to Everyone. And further more, making a positive long term change in a person’s internal dialogue to oneself doesn’t come easily for most. It certainly didn’t come easily to me but I tell you what does. Clearing my schedule to allow for 10 minutes of meditation in the morning, or even at lunchtime if I had to get up early and didn’t get around to it. And if I can indulge myself a little more, 10 minutes at night right before I go to sleep. And when I stop and meditate for that 10-15 minutes, I swear it’s like going through a car cleaners for your mind.

If you want to check out more on mindfulness, simply type that into google. It will blow your mind (ha, see what I did there). Or if you want to keep it simple, do what someone else I know does. They just try and sit still for 10 minutes a day. That’s pretty cute, right!

Be a B.A.B.E.. Be a mindful, sexy, all times super awesome, mindful babe.

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