self taping with kids

Recently I wrote my first article for the UK’s number one casting site, Spotlight, on all things self taping with children.

Did you find this when you (or your partner) fell pregnant with your first baby…. blissful thoughts along the lines of “they’ll work around my acting schedule? I can live the dream and juggle both baby, auditions and career (famous last thoughts right – wink wink). And then said baby arrives and within a few months so does your first self tape and you think to yourself “What the hell am I going to do!!!“, while inwardly screaming, how has anyone survived as an actor before me!!!

Well, I’m here to let you know, calmly and confidently, two kids on, and after having done literally dozens of self tapes in the living rooms of various two-bedroom apartments in London, that it is doable. I repeat – it is doable. I mean, yes, I would prefer to live in a 10-bedroom mansion with one room dedicated exclusively to my self taping equipment, and another for my live-in nanny, but that’s for another post (called wishful thinking).

Hopefully, as you read this article, you’ll think, oh yeah, I could try these self taping parent hacks for myself! If you find it useful, do pop me a comment. Or if you have some better ideas, I would love and welcome any suggestions!


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