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Why you need to get into voiceover now!

Ever a fan of encouraging guest posts here on B.A.BE., this one is a special one. Not only is Paul McLaughlin an established voiceover artist and actor in his own right, but he’s also gone on to build a fantastic business coaching voice artists, and generating content. He’s provided us with numerous tips over the […]

I was on the radio (again!!!) #humblebragging #excited

Hi all you groovy funsters. Guess who was on Soho Radio last week – EEEEEK. I had the best time ever. I walked into the studio to meet three of the most amazing humans, running this wicked show called Free Seed on Soho every Wednesday. And for 30 minutes of that show, I got to […]

How to get started as a voiceover artist… (OTHER ACTING JOBS)

VOICEOVERS Recently I have been talking with my mentoring clients a lot about other jobs… But rather than other jobs that aren’t even loosely tied to acting, I am referring more to other jobs that really do still live within the acting realm – corporates, voiceovers, role plays, casting director assistant, the list goes on. […]

GUEST POST: Why I love being a voiceover artist

Introducing the fabulous, and fabulously sounding, Rachael Naylor. Rachael works full time in the UK as a voiceover artist and you might even recognise her as the voice of Virgin Media, amongst other voices. I have been bugging Rachael to guest blog for me for a while now as she is constantly providing me with wonderful […]

GUEST POST: Finding Your Voice

Felicity Jurd is one very busy lady! She not only manages to appear in films, television, commercials and more, but she also owns and runs Pitch, Pause, Pace. I can say first hand what a treat it has been to have her help me when I’ve been preparing for a Voice Over job or another […]