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Safety at every single audition

Something really really bad happened a few years ago. I am okay. I didn’t get hurt, but someone else did. Physically and emotionally. And there may have been more women I don’t know about. Police were involved. An arrest was made. Hopefully that’s the end of that particular predator trying it on with young vulnerable […]

You want me to DO WHAT IN THE CASTING?!?!

Well what a delight to get this casting notice sent to a few days ago from a filmmaker inviting me to audition…for what seems like a porn film. And this was NO April Fools! In the interest of being a good actor, I decided to pen my reply to said #filmmaker. My response to him […]

Empowerment. Say no to the Casting Couch

The telegraph talked about it, I’ve been interviewed about it, it has happened to me, my friends, and others. It’s this mix of casting couch meets inappropriate auditions (meets challenges to personal safety). It’s the serious side of the business we don’t warn new actors about enough. The good news, as the Telegraph highlighted, is […]