You want me to DO WHAT IN THE CASTING?!?!

Well what a delight to get this casting notice sent to a few days ago from a filmmaker inviting me to audition…for what seems like a porn film. And this was NO April Fools! In the interest of being a good actor, I decided to pen my reply to said #filmmaker. My response to him is attached.
What a jerk!

The original email:

casting notice


My reply to said casting notice:

reply to casting notice


Suffice to say, when all was said and done, the director actually replied to me thinking I was being funny and asked if I still fancied auditioning. One can safely assume he has no clue. I walked away knowing I tried! But ladies, this is never ever okay.

Keep safe, stay away from porn, and don’t ever say yes to a casting you don’t feel 100% comfortable about.

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