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Are you an actor with money mindset worries?

This is something really different…let’s talk moolah. This is really different to my usual chat, but still very much about mindset. But this time it’s about money and our mindset around that. I often think that when people think of creatives, especially actors or musicians, they automatically think of desolate hobos walking the streets, busking […]

Complainer or committer?

There are two types of people in the world. Those who commit and those who complain. Indeed at first glance this might appear to be mildly simplistic. But think about it. People either get on with it and commit to their goals, or they complain and carry on about why it didn’t or can’t possibly […]


Ever forget to tell the world about all the wonderful things that are happening for you because you are too worried about sharing the good stuff and sounding a little silly.  Don’t be.  Every single day there are probably about ten fantastic things (at least) that has happened to you, and you should be shouting […]