Complainer or committer?

There are two types of people in the world. Those who commit and those who complain. Indeed at first glance this might appear to be mildly simplistic. But think about it. People either get on with it and commit to their goals, or they complain and carry on about why it didn’t or can’t possibly happen.

If you don’t believe that this rather simple equation is true, then I challenge you to read and hear from just a few legends that have gone the hard yards, without complaint! These are just a few who immediately came to mind, both new and old, who have literally rocked my world with their awesomeness. They defy all those who dare to tell me day in and day out, that it’s all “too hard”.

  • Nicholas McCarthy (Pianist): only one hand. That is never going to stop me from graduating from one of the most prestigious music schools in the UK, The Royal College of Music. Wait till you hear this man play! Here’s the man himself.
  • Jim Carey (Actor): I’m going to be a famous comedy actor. He might have to sleep on the floor for a while, but hey, better than living a miserable life not doing what he wanted. Right?lucy aliber
  • Lucy Alibar (Writer): Lucy only wrote the Oscar nominated film, Beasts of the Southern Wild. Her phone got cut off in the meantime cause she couldn’t even afford to pay the bill. If this story about her doesn’t move you, nothing will!
  • Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson (Climbers): Climbing a mountain that’s never been completely done before. Yeah they’ve got 3 years to set aside and make that happen! Summiting Yosemite, 3000 feet later.
  • Jacqeline Saburido (now public speaker): Wanted to make a different and help ensure teenagers and young adults did not make the same drink driving mistake that someone made to her – one that destroyed her entire face and left having already had more than 50 surgeries. This lady defied it all, and goes out there to publicly share her story again and again. I cried when I first saw her story many years ago, and again when I found this later video to add to this post.
  • Thomas Edison: Who is going to make a lightbulb after 10,000 tries? And just like that my Christmas tree has lights!
  • Einstein: Yeah he just made physics work. He came up with E =mc2, in other words, just his mass-energy equivalence formula, and a formula touted to be the most well-known in the world. Oh and I guess we also have William Jones who came up with pi (pi day is even coming up soon –

There’s a few examples for you.

My other thought is that of the percentage who commit and fail, typically they’re the ones who learn, readjust their goals and commit again to their new targets. All this in the pursuit of their personal dreams – be that acting, painting, writing, film making, job promotion, having a baby, raising an amazing family, swimming the channel, running a marathon, taking their first bike ride, learning to pole vault, knitting a scarf, ascending Kilimanjaro. The list is endless.

So pick your poison, or your awesomeness, as the case may be. You a complainer, or a committer?

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