Monthly Archives: April 2014

Come Jam with me…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Come rain, hail or shine Cinema Jam do their thing. This was my first time, and with London doing it’s classically British rainy thing, I arrived drenched, three industry friends in tow, to be promptly bustled up some stairs and into a crazy room filled with bean bags, high chairs, […]

Banging on and on…

I spend a lot of time banging on about good sh&t. I know I do. People tell me I do. And people often despairingly ask “how do you keep so positive?” Want to know the secret? I don’t. Fact. I get down just like you. I get grumpy just like you. I get frustrated, annoyed, […]

What you create is you

The mayhem of theWorld Acting Summit has left little time for me to write on here recently, but actually I have create your own acting work wanted to more than ever. And this is because as Steve Trister and I have been interviewing awesomely experienced people each day, I have been having all of these […]