Banging on and on…

Having a bad acting day
My day was literally a series of no entries to any good stuff!

I spend a lot of time banging on about good sh&t. I know I do. People tell me I do. And people often despairingly ask “how do you keep so positive?”

Want to know the secret?

I don’t. Fact.

I get down just like you. I get grumpy just like you. I get frustrated, annoyed, fearful and worried just like you. That’s the truth. I just choose not to focus on that on my daily BABE posts or in life generally. It doesn’t bode well for me. And actually, it’s not the way I want to play the game. And to be fair, most of the time I do actually live in a pretty happy Angela bubble feeling pretty chuffed about this wonderful little life we are all investing our time in.

But today was not one of those mornings. Today I woke late, took off on my bike, got not more than a km down the road and got myself an epic flat tyre with no bike shop in site. Said bike shop ended up being about 4km away. Battery on my iPhone was about 3% away from dead. Rain was imminent. I was annoyed.

Anyways, long story short I found a bicycle repair store about 3km away and wheeled my little bike all the way there to get it sorted. So in total, about an hour later I was on my way again.

What have I learnt? Nothing. Ok, kidding!

I learned today that unexpected surprises always rear their heads at inconvenient times. I realise that right when you think your acting is soaring, the pencil gets lifted off that commercial they liked you for, or the film company puts that film on hold due to finance so you don’t quite have a role coming up anymore. Or that agent just doesn’t quite know how to represent you right now. That’s the nature of this beast.

That tiny puncture tells me to toughen up and get a move on. Get over my little grump (and boy was I grumpy) and swiftly move on. See the negative mood isn’t going to make me feel any better. After a while even wallowing in self pity gets boring. Even if at first it felt like a lovely soft bubble bath. And boy did I want to wallow today.

But reality dictates that not much happens in grump land. Negative energy will push away anything lovely that just might want to head in my direction. So funk over.
Ps. My day got so much better later on I’m pleased to share. But boy was I in a funk earlier! I mean, a real proper Ang funk! Ever had those days? Drop me a comment below if you had and let me know how you got out of it.

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