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The greatest gift of all

I always wanted to be Wonder Woman growing up. It’s no secret. All of my mates are aware that I own the costume, and some of my friends have even let me dress as Wonder Woman for parties when it didn’t even fit the ‘dress up theme’ (thanks Sarah!). And I like to think that, like Wonder Woman, each […]

You read B.A.B.E. – how does it all work?

So you read B.A.B.E. and you wanna get the emails too. Here’s how it works. Firstly if you haven’t subscribed, then you can do so here: [su_button text=”SUBSCRIBE TO B.A.B.E.” url=”https://actingbabe.com/subscribe” type=”info” icon=”heart”]less[/su_button] Then it’s always useful to know how the emails work. To help you as an actor, they’re sent as the following: BABE […]

Per Bristow is coming to town

This is so exciting! Per in London…   I first heard about Per Bristow through a really great mate of mine in LA. And any friend of my buddy Darren’s is automatically a friend of mine. Then Per and I got talking and I got why they were buddies. So what’s so special about Per? […]

Please stop talking

This is the wonderful moment where you tell me EVERYTHING about yourself and I listen. I sit patiently and I nod at the appropriate times and I listen to whatever the f&@% you are saying about yourself because I can hardly even remember what you just said because it’s been so long since I’ve taken […]

Four Things Drama School Never Told You

So one thing I love is finding new resources and places to read about what I do…acting. And recently I found London Actors’ Hub. The reason I like them is I love what they’re doing, I love their blog, and I love what they have coming up. So I was delighted when they asked to come […]

Acting help needed? Just ask

Yes it’s as simple as that really. Just Ask. What? You just ask for what you want? Yes you absolutely do! When faced with a challenge, chances are you will respond in one of two ways – procrastinate or jump right in and go for it. Sadly, more often than not, I see actors run […]

Empowerment. Say no to the Casting Couch

The telegraph talked about it, I’ve been interviewed about it, it has happened to me, my friends, and others. It’s this mix of casting couch meets inappropriate auditions (meets challenges to personal safety). It’s the serious side of the business we don’t warn new actors about enough. The good news, as the Telegraph highlighted, is […]

A collision course with doing something…anything…just not nothing

Following on from a talk I heard last week with some wonderful filmmakers (directors, producers and actors) I am massively inspired (it was 12.30am when I wrote this as a draft) and keen to write down all the things I constantly want to share with filmmakers who are starting out. And it all focuses around […]

The one word challenge

You’re up in a helicopter looking down own your life, the contributions you made, your precious moments and your journey. St Peter is at the pearly gates (humour me) and he asks you “What’s the one word you’d use to describe your life?” Bam! St Peter wastes no time getting to the point does he. […]

Hitching up your Harry High Pants

Well here here we have it. A new generation of wonder girls hitching up their Harry high pants and taking super mum to the next level. It was always coming. It’s what our generations call power women (yes I use plural for the word generation for those of you still in your teeny pre-20’s with the rest of […]