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Choices, and more choices

Choice is a funny thing. It comes into our lives every day but often we are completely oblivious that we are making choices. Then there are times when it smacks you in the face like a wet cloth and you’re really aware of the fragility of life, and the effects of your yes’ and no’s. For […]

Banging on and on…

I spend a lot of time banging on about good sh&t. I know I do. People tell me I do. And people often despairingly ask “how do you keep so positive?” Want to know the secret? I don’t. Fact. I get down just like you. I get grumpy just like you. I get frustrated, annoyed, […]

The evil power of the “NO”

Actors roll up. It’s now a new year, full of all the emotional highs and lows we expect as we step into a new year of adventure. And with that comes the usual fear and trepidation we associate with our acting goals. I guess we all want to be stupidly successful but at the same […]