Georgina Blackledge, London actress

I was very daunted by the prospect of searching for a new agent during such difficult times within the industry and terrified of getting all the NO’s. Working with Angela really helped me to get things in perspective and breakdown what I needed to do to get myself out there. Understanding my type and how to promote my best attributes was key and aiming for the right agents. Guiding me through the process, supporting me every step on this journey really gave me the confidence I needed and an invaluable sounding board of reassurance.

After sending out 20 emails I then sent a further 20. Hard work…yes, but I ended up with 4 interviews and a straight-up offer. Talking through the pros and cons of each with Angela, I felt secure in my choice and very excited about the new relationship with my new representation. Angela even helped me with saying goodbye to my old agent and it couldn’t have been a sweeter parting of well wishes. I would and have highly recommended Angela to anyone considering new representation or other areas of your career that need some polish!


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