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Acting up

It’s pretty common to get on set and meet divas acting up. They don’t even mean to be but they are. The rest of the crew are frantically working on set to get this light sorted, to get that prop just right, to discuss this next shot…. And then in waltzes an (diva) actor. #Sigh. […]

Letting your crowd decide

Seth Godin touched on a cool point this week about listening only to the top 40. It got me thinking about the mass-market angle of acting, and what we do, what we see, and what we perceive, to be the way forward. We can always go down the angle of being all things to all […]

Part 3. Emails with branding

I have been delighted to receive so many positive tweets and email comments about the first two parts of my latest B.A.B.E branding series. If you missed them, I have covered business cards (just in time for the Cannes Film Festival) and websites. It’s all part of the USP series… See I want you to […]

Part 2. Websites in the land of your brand

Last week I covered the very important topic of how your branding can be integrated into the business card you design, in Part 1 of my USP’s rather than Uncompromising Silly Positions series. Today I want to delve into websites. As an actor I am constantly looking at other actor’s websites. I love clicking on their links to see […]

Part 1. USP’s rather than uncompromising silly positions

When you are setting up as an actor you’ll often hear the words “branding” and “USP” used a good deal. These two words are not merely clever marketing speak from some floosy who didn’t make it past acting school and moved instead to journalism. These two words encompass two very important things about you, the […]

Trick or tweet

Part 1 Yes this is only part one as we have another few tweet experts joining us in my later blogs! I’ve decided it’s Christmas in July and to celebrate I’ve hit up some of Santas little twitter helpers to give me their insight into making twitter work for you, the actor. Did you know […]