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Ever forget to tell the world about all the wonderful things that are happening for you because you are too worried about sharing the good stuff and sounding a little silly.  Don’t be.  Every single day there are probably about ten fantastic things (at least) that has happened to you, and you should be shouting at the top of a mountain about it, Julie Andrews Sound of Music style. Remember this means that you’ll also be creating another opportunity for this to happen (again and again). You will be putting the good vibes into the universe, and they will surely come back twofold. Ah the old merry-go-round of life continues (yes yes I know that’s actually a ferris wheel pictured there)! 

Today, I am celebrating in the biggest way. This is my 62nd post on B.A.B.E. and I’ve reached 10000 hits. This is really exhilarating. But why so you ask… 10k isn’t that many. No, not in the grand scheme of amazing blogs out there generating thousands of hits per month with audiences afar. But when I consider that this little thespian didn’t even know she loved blogging until she randomly started keeping this online diary of learnings, and now has readers, it’s a huge achievement.

Starting B.A.B.E was simply about giving an outlet of love and light to all creatives who wanted to be inspired to be the best they possibly can be. To date it has, and will continue to be, about reminding people to know they are worthy, brilliant, and able to achieve anything. And now, I have readers, an audience, and people who comment, tweet, share and talk about the content. Who would have thought! (I guess that is what blogging is about).

The most unique part is that I am as inspired and energetic to the responses I receive from you each and every time I write and share my thoughts. It turns out the therapy is as much mine. It is a gift that positively reinforces my desire to continue sharing.

I’ve been asked before where I derive my content or inspiration. More often then not it’s from a personal conversation with an actor, or an industry peep, or even [occasionally] someone who is outside my industry audience, who has a burning question or topic that becomes topical for that week.  And just as often, as I am learning to be a better person, I write about something that has affected me; something I’m learning; something I hope will help someone else to consider things through different coloured glasses.

Thank you actingbabe readers

So today’s take out is about the celebration of what you’ve achieved to-date. I bet you didn’t just get here by lounging around on a beanbag watching reruns of Friends. You probably got to this point in your life (especially your acting career life) by crawling on your knees and hands and working your way solidly through every difficult and challenging obstacle that stood in the path of your success, to be the best version of yourself that stands here reading this right now. So celebrate that! You freaking rock.

Thank you for reading all this time!

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