I was on the radio (again!!!) #humblebragging #excited

Hi all you groovy funsters.

Guess who was on Soho Radio last week – EEEEEK.

I had the best time ever.

I walked into the studio to meet three of the most amazing humans, running this wicked show called Free Seed on Soho every Wednesday. And for 30 minutes of that show, I got to hang in the studio and talk about acting and voiceovers, and famous Aussies and stuff.

Being able to share your stories publicly is so much fun. Did I ever tell you that one day I want to be on TED? There I said it. Out loud for the whole world to hear.Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 23.08.28

But right now, I’m just well chuffed that I was invited to do this radio show.

If you have a spare few minutes while you are pottering around the house making your morning coffee, or getting the dinner ready, feel free to click below and hear the interview. Also, they just play wicked music in general, and talk about lots of fun things, so it’s totally worth it just for that.

Meet Baby Sol and Ben Ramble on Soho Radio. I come on around the 30 minute mark.

And if you want to see my excitable but silly video about my trip to the studio, you can catch it on my YouTube channel here.

Angela Peters on YouTube.

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