Exposed…makeup-less and honest

If like me, you crave a morning get-ready routine, then one of the hardest things to fathom when you become a mummy, is that showers are going to take you hours and sometimes you won’t even get around to having one. That idea alone blew my mind when I first had my baby. I would see the days disappear in the blink of an eye, his tiny body getting bigger each day (from milk alone – crazy again!!!!) and I’d realise I hadn’t even showered that day, little alone put makeup on.

And then as the months progressed (he’s just hit 9 months) I started to notice that makeup was also a chore. I didn’t even consider that at the beginning. But I hate leaving the house without something painted on my face. My mum was the same. I will always remember watching her do her hair in the morning, styling that 80’s perm and putting on her face. I guess we learn it from our elders….side note – thank goodness she taught me to cook and sew (so old school right).

So the issue I have is while that as I’m at home dealing with all the issues that a newborn brings, I’m constantly scrolling through social media and seeing all these gorgeous designer mums with perfect houses and perfect faces, and perfect shots, and wondering how the f&%k do they manage that on 1 hour sleep every 4 hours! How do they look like that? It’s not even realistic when you consider the demands of a and mummy

And all this lead me to my latest vlog. I thought, okay I’m one of the worst offenders at taking lots of selfies before posting the perfect one (which is much harder to do when you’re trying to get your baby to pose perfectly too! (this is him at four months). So I need to be exposed. I need to be truthful and honest and share what I really feel like and look like on a daily basis, when I’m not flicking off to an audition or filming or in a studio on a voiceover. Because I don’t look like my instagram account every day. I just don’t.

And here’s the thing. No one does. Those glamorous mums out there probably have helpers. And if they don’t they probably don’t sleep. Because it’s not realistic to be like that. I remember seeing another mum mate of mine months ago looking incredible on Instagram, only to find out later that they had a nanny. And immediately I thought – oh that’s why. Because let’s be honest. Navigating poo, milk spews, food weining, lack of sleep, routines, walks, mummy doctor visits and the likes, just don’t give you time to include a glamour routine easily. Those bloody babies will always decide they want to wake up right when it’s shower time. I don’t even know how they do it.

So without further ado, and to help you feel guilt free as you glide through the days makeup less, and often shower-less, here’s What I really look like. A true reflection of mummy life with a newborn or young sub one year old baby.

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Photo by Jamie Street

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